The Ellsworth Sportsman’s Club is dedicated to the preservation of the outdoors under the guidelines of national, state and local agencies. The club promotes good sportsmanship in all outdoor activities and encourages the interaction of it’s members, families and friends through the functions and activities it actively engages in.


One thought on “Mission

  1. Hi Anthony, Thanks for stopping by to visit!

    We are taking new members. If you email us at ellsworthsportsmansclub@embarqmail.com, I will forward you a copy of our application. Where exactly are you located? We would need to know what members of ours are in your area, so that if you are accepted – we can match you with a club sponsor.

    We are currently in the process of building a new club house and have a lot of grounds maintenance and upkeep that needs done. How handy are you? We are always looking for members who have some tricks of the trade up their sleeve to help us out.

    Again, thanks so much for contacting us. Take Care!

    ESC Admin


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